Marketing and innocent smoothies

According to Iacobucci This brings about the creation of a specific branding of the organization products and creates great awareness of its product in the place of its marketing. So it becomes germane that for the firm to operate adequately well in the international arena, these considerations need be put in place for proper marketing strategy.

Not only does this win over the Innocent consumer, but if a potential customer is shopping for juices and sees a hand-decorated, wooly smoothie bottle next to your run-of-the-mill orange juice container, the consumer is going to reach for the wooly bottle, right.

One way to attract more customers is to give free samples to those that have never tried innocent smoothie before, and taste will convince them if its good or not. In this view, Oden The above illustration shows that every country has its own cultural characteristics and variables that would compact with the environment in which business operation is done.

It all started when three friends Rich, Adam and John decided to start a business with making natural and delicious drinks. This strategy would enable Innocent to drive sales of their exclusive product, but at the same time increase awareness of the innocent brand and existing products due to Innocent being prominently displayed throughout the store.

Potential customers cannot realize this unless they try it. Tropicana are small at present but if focused on growth will present themselves as a serious competitor in the segment in the medium term due to their retail reach in the premium juice segment. Be good in your marketing, and the rest will follow.

For firms like Innocent Drinks that is expanding, in their bid to expand operation to other foreign countries there is the need that the issue of environment is critically considered in line with the organizations existing corporate culture.

Routledge Simmonin, Bernard L. Routledge Proctor, TonyStrategic marketing: It is also considered to be the tastiest among its competitors and, together with Tropicana, the most environmentally friendly.

Tell us about it. To summarize, Innocent is trying to position its product as a healthy and tasty smoothie that has minimum costs to the environment. So companies use age to segment its market in three possible segments, children, teenagers, adults and elderly. Innocent should build a better marketing strategy in order to become better known and focus more on the attraction of potential customers.

The older generation has the lowest smoothie usage so this needs to be targeted. Soft drinks like smoothies are about getting lots of fresh fruit and squash them into a bottle. This will be very much a selective channel strategy.

The risk involve in the marketing strategy adopted by the organization is that it may not be able to spread its operation easily to other countries where the technology and materials for conducting its business is not well developed.

This seems valid, especially when comparing Innocent to Tropicana, who is its strongest competitor in the market. All these five ethics have helped in ensuring that Innocent Drinks come out with the best products for its customers across the different countries it operates.

An organization provides core services and goods to its customers.

How Innocent is moving beyond its fruit smoothies

They were firstly sold at music festivals were they have done a research asking people if they like innocent smoothies or not. The Big Knit example should be a lesson for all those marketers trying to succeed in social media.

The competitors are relatively few with only PJs and own label delivering any material volume into the market. In ensuring that the organization gives its customers uniform quality products across the different countries it operates, Innocent Drinks has adopted five corporate ethics.

One way that smoothie companies may segment their market is age. Each of the strategies for product manufacturing, pricing system, promotion and distribution all are built in an integrated pattern to bring about the effective distribution of quality product at an affordable price to customers.

For instance in some country where the roads are not well accessible the cow van cannot easily operate in such terrain. Have you seen an effective marketing campaign lately. This range will use ingredients and packaging that the older generation can associate with.

In this view, Oden The cost of operating in the aforementioned ten EU countries is reduced by the aid of the adopted marketing mix. Happy Monkey Smoothies The third competitor of Innocent is a smoothie brand that is particularly targeted at children, Happy Monkey Smoothies.

This line of smoothies is exceptionally beneficial for children since it has no added sugar, contains a substantial amount of Vitamin C, notably, % of a kids RDA in Vitamin C intake, and is. why innocent drinks has adopted this marketing mix The marketing mix operated by Innocent Drinks is one that has given it a brand name across the different countries its products are manufactured and traded.

Innocent Smoothies' Marketing Mix Place Price Product Promotion Comical so attracts people to the advert, and makes it more memorable Emphasis on slogan 'tastes good, does good'. Innocent smoothies and drinks are premium priced within its specific market.

This may also be down to the fact that they donate t en percent of every purchase to charity.

How Innocent topped the Social Brands 100

Innocent has a smart campaign called The Big Knit, which asks consumers to knit wooly hats for the smoothies, with partial proceeds going to the charity Age UK. While Innocent is best known for its fruit smoothies, the brand is focusing on its health innovations in to reach new audiences.

For Innocent, was a year of innovation.

Sometimes, “Innocent” Marketing Works Best

Besides launching its own coconut water and its refreshment drink Bubbles, the brand has also added a new range of fruit.

Marketing and innocent smoothies
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