Kulula marketing strategies

Currently, depending on whether you place your ticket at any price ticket of a two- hour flight is only equivalent, or a lower cost of the bus.

Just look at how the Big Three automobile manufacturers General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler got crushed in the past decade by competitions from Germany and Japanese. This event led to a dramatic drop in demand however, the low cost airlines were able to record high growth rates as noted by Gross and Schroder Ideas on how the model can be made feasible in the South African market were taken hence the success of Kulula.

Comair funded Kulula, but the amount was really negligible. The Air Transport Association states that the price of fuel constitutes to the second major expense for airline. This makes in complicated when deciding on which fare to sell at. The challenge therefore did not lie there; it was more about how to differentiate the new product to the customer.

kulula embarks on new business strategy

Many low-cost carriers have also embraced and exploited, for their benefit, some of their legal battles. Its somewhat unconventional, but very funky communication strategy contributed hugely towards its successful performance. It is a reason will make problem when som areas want to apply this model.

This is proven by the construction of systems website linking with database extremely closely, and ultra simple and effective help customers and partners search for information very easily. Call it hypercompetition or innovation economicscompetition could be good for you believe it or not.

Instead, the management of travel costs has become a key concern for most companies. Long-term focus Short-term gain often equals long-term pain.

Kulula was applied that technology in that time is the most secure. Our first reservation system was built in six weeks at a cost of Rwhich is just bizarre.

kulula embarks on new business strategy

It will bring no small loss for the company because customers will think: Strategies of Low Cost Airlines by CraigF - Updated September 26, Low cost airlines came into the public consciousness at the turn of the 21st century as consumers were, for the first time, offered the chance to fly with no frills attached at a reduced cost.

We have our own internal graphics department which handles our promotions, and while our advertising is outsourced, we place a strong emphasis on building the image and culture of the brand internally too. When kulula launched inonly four percent of South Africans travelled by air each year.

Kulula SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

We are able to do much more and with a greater depth of detail. Kululas marketing strategies that work. Kulula has been flying South Africans for just over 10 years as the first low-cost,privately owned airline,they have created fun advertisements that are immediately know by all,their strategy is to stay honest and try bring the best value to customers whether they are flying for lesisure or business.

Innovative and creative marketing strategies are imperative to the success of a brand. The best lessons are learned through experience and AMA's Case Study Library offers you insights and practical solutions from a wide variety of companies and industries.

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Marketing magic

Responsible for developing and implementing the entire kulula marketing brand communication plans that included all elements for ATL, BTL, TTL and PR and Social Media. I worked in a team that developed business strategies and problem solved Title: Director of Marketing at The.

kulula connect – refreshingly simple and cost-effective Internet and cell phone service packages. Many of the products and services will offer kulula customers the opportunity to earn kulula moolah to put towards free kulula flights, tying into kulula's jetsetter loyalty club which now has 52 members.

The Irish contingent of the Mango Marketing team, Rebecca (our very own ‘Galway Girl’) moved to London to embrace all that the big city has to offer.

Kulula: Erik Venter and Gidon Novick

Her background lies in B2C Public Relations, specialising in SMEs and Hospitality. She has extensive experience developing communications strategies, managing social media accounts and. Subject area Marketing.

Kulula SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Study level/applicability This case can be used in a principles of marketing course, at Introductory, Executive or MBA level, it is particularly suitable as a case on promotions policy as one of the 4-P's, to illustrate the role of marketing communications as part of an integrated marketing strategy, or to illustrate the building .

Kulula marketing strategies
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Kulula: Erik Venter and Gidon Novick | Entrepreneur