Global market research case study analysis

International deliveries A major international B2B research using our in-house survey software for web-assisted telephone interviews where each respondent could log on to the survey while talking with the interviewer and see personalised product and service options in their own language.

Using one-on-one depth interviews with directors of major companies we were able to pin-point the the market for marketing effectiveness tools and consultancy. Using our Quality of Service Review, we provided the tools so that this leading component supplier could talk and and quantify their quality of their relationships.

A leading global manufacturer of consumer health and beauty products was considering adding a new product to its current line. The worldwide Internet panels set a new standard in data quality and comparability from country to country.

An industry-leading company specializing in auto loans wanted to develop a targeted advertising campaign.

Global Mechanical Excavator Market Research Report 2018

How should those add-on services be priced. Pan-Europe product design A major industrial products company ran a nine-country European study into product and feature values across their markets enabling them to identify their brand equity and key value points.

Specifically, the research was designed to: The global power banks market has been segmented, on the basis of geographical regions, as per following regions and countries: It is nontoxic, fireproof, and lightweight in nature; available in different sizes; and can be expanded to the desired density.

Decision Analyst was tasked with designing and conducting a two-phased research approach that would meet this goal. The aim was to understand the impact of price and service changes and gave the client a clear picture about the revenue and margin optimum for their services.

The challenge is to find the right tools and techniques to areas where they are most needed. Brand extension in FMCG If you have one of the oldest brands in the country, sometimes this can be as restrictive as it can be profitable, because no-one wants you to mess around with it.

A pilot version of the product had already been successfully launched in the French market the previous year, and preliminary results were promising.

By providing a form to be completed by those interested in a military career, data is captured that helps the military branch with recruitment.

Once the pilot project was stable and achieving its desired results, implementation was replicated to other product groups as well. This research was conducted to provide strategic direction for improving the overall effectiveness of the program as a customer relationship tool—to drive customer acquisition and retention, and to grow revenue.

With dinner being a key strategic opportunity for a major casual-dining restaurant, scores from quantitative data were significantly lower for the restaurant than its main competitors, and the company used online qualitative and ethnographic research to uncover current perceptions of the brand, menu choices, food, and service.

Product design via internet research This leading motor services company wanted information on a newly proposed service for it's customers. Our client, a health-insurance provider, wanted to know how best to communicate with their customers about the Affordable Care Act and what messages they need to use.

Manpower hiring was put on hold unless it is a new project.

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The aim was to understand the impact of price and service changes and gave the client a clear picture about the revenue and margin optimum for their services.

The need was to gain a fundamental understanding of the U. However, some have gone so far as to proclaim that email or text communication is actually preferred over voice, a position we felt should be investigated. Our innovative customer satifaction methodology allows respondents to focus more on the areas they want improved without burdening them on the areas that are working just fine.

Using our Quality of Service Review, we provided the tools so that this leading component supplier could talk and and quantify their quality of their relationships.

But as the concepts and lean tools are being expounded in the service environment, it is clearly applicable. These panels are all carefully recruited and rigorously managed. The custom index-scoring system identified viable options that resonated with the largest audiences.

In declining markets how should you optimise the product offer. There was no customer demand and work capability analysis being carried out. It can be used in the market research environment to achieve service and operational excellence.

Determine the incidence of the female hair segments e. We were able to show the relevant price elasticities and give some indication of the expectation of the drop in student numbers that would result when fees were introduced.

Business-to-business relationships In B2B markets, business relationships are key, but how many people actually go through a formal process of reviewing their relationship with their supplier. Countries such as the U. Measuring satisfaction with something you only notice if it goes wrong can be a challenge because of the lack of perception about the service received.

A global automotive OEM was launching a redesigned version of its best-selling vehicle in the U. Newspaper choices How do newspaper buyers value newspapers?. A small selection of our client case studies are shown below. Many more can be found as you navigate around our website.

Equally, if you would prefer to pick up the phone and chat to us, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about the work we have done in your areas of interest. GLOBAL MARKET RESEARCH CASE STUDY ANALYSIS 3 there is a possible recession to come in Sperry/MacLennan knows that it is imperative to expand the business into international markets (Aaker, D.

A. ( 90%(20). Marketing Research Case History: An international beauty products company wanted to better understand women's hair care in 4 countries.

Global Market Research Case Study Analysis The situation discussed in the case tells of an opportunity afforded Sperry/MacLennan Architects and Planners; the Canadian company was founded in as a one-man architectural practice and years since then they have become a very respected and profitable company in the field of architecture.

Market research case studies. Our market research projects are varied and cover a full range of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, but often with advanced research designs to give the maximum insight about the market, often leading to financial market models.

Case Studies: Market Research. Case Study: How a Consumer Electronics Company Leveraged the Power of Community to Uncover Market Preferences and Build Excitement for a New Product Line.

BearingPoint, a global provider of management and technology services, had won a major contract to implement a complicated voice over Internet .

Global market research case study analysis
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A Hair-Raising Global Tracking Study Case History