Case study on rural marketing of coca cola

Further it also distributed around 2,00, refrigerators to its rural retailers.

Case Study On Coca Cola ‘Share A Coke’ Campaign

The natural calamity can affect the Coca-Cola operations. It was widely felt that the ml bottles priced at Rs. The untold secret of this campaign was that Coke connected it with its consumers at a personal level.

The company has reached over the world with years of existence. The first one was created for a domestic audience, making members of diverse cultural groups feel included in the advertising message. For these reasons, CCI decided to make some changes in the size of its bottles and pricing to win over consumers in the rural market.

Moreover, Coca-Cola wanted to engage with its customers and at the same time promote its own brand name. The consumers and government are becoming very cautious about the obesity caused from the beverage industry. Share a Coke campaign on bus 2.

Although most companies do not have the budget or the reach to get ideas from 10 different agencies, most have the ability to ask at least 10 different employees.

If you want to create an inspirational ad campaign that truly moves people, you need to also find a way to make that story happen in real life. He distributed thousands of complimentary coca-cola glass coupons, along with souvenir calendars, clocks, etc.

This is what advertising specialists refer to as inclusive marketing. At the time of inflation as indicated by Njanja, the company sorts its staff on the basis of high salary in countries where inflation rate is high so that they can cope with the situation. Share a coke with family campaign 4. The company ranks top in non-alcoholic beverage industry and also in the marketingdistribution and production of its concentrated syrup.

Around 76, virtual Coke cans were shared online A total ofcustom Coke cans were printed across the country.

In lateCCI made an additional investment of Rs 7 million Rs 5 million from the company and Rs 2 million from the company's bottlers to meet rural demand.

The youths of India are more health conscious and constantly looking for drinks which are refreshing.

Consumers like to self-express themselves creatively through storytelling and staying in touch with its friends and as a result, the campaign leveraged on this kind of consumer behavior. Init was reported that Coca-Cola was available in over countries worldwide, with consumers consuming more than 1.

With this tool the company is working with 63 types of currency. They targeted bigger urban cities for their higher salary and to convince these regions that the product value Justified the price. Enlisted below are the findings from Share a Coke campaign analysis: The company also values customer requirements and feedback and also focuses on protecting the company assets and reducing the risks associated with operating the business Thomson, It was invented as a patent medicine by John Pemberton.

Coca Cola reached out to young mom bloggers in that age bracket to use their web properties to share information, evangelize the brand, and increase loyalty.

He was focused on maintaining a standard of excellence as the company scaled. Coca-Cola had ensured that the campaign slogan should be something that is very catchy and easy to recall such that the call should action should immediately come to mind when the customer purchases the brand.

This decision was not surprising, given the huge size of the untapped rural market in IndiaWith flat sales in the urban areas, it was clear that CCI would have to shift its focus to the rural market.

Connecting with the consumers at a personal level. With flat sales in the urban areas, it was clear that CCI would have to shift its focus to the rural market. Did we miss something. Coca-Cola created a powerful Call to Action in the campaign. Get Assignment Help from MyAssignmenthelp. The FDA is an US government recognised agency whose role is to monitor and crosscheck the ingredients used in the drink.

Go to any restaurant in the north, and attendants would promptly ask, thanda ya garam?.

Coke’s new strategy in India

The Coca-Cola Company have introduced other varieties of Coke, the most prominent one being Diet Coke, with others including Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Vanilla, and special versions in the form of lemon.


In addition to that, Coca Cola’s generic promotional campaign entitled “thanda matlab Coca-Cola” (or cool means Coca-Cola in Hindi) was a huge success and made the sales boomed in rural areas and created an increase per capita consumption. Case Study: Coca Cola’s Successful Cross-Cultural Marketing Campaigns.

Getting your desired message across to more than one group of people, or to a demographic consisting of diverse cultures can pose a challenge. B Strategy & Innovation in the Evolving Context of International Business The Fletcher School 1 Coca-Cola Enters Myanmar Introduction Inthe Coca-Cola Company’s Pacific Group faced a unique challenge.

Case Study Cola Wars in China Strategic Marketing – MKTG Luminita Tanase Professor Dr. Alex July 29, Therefore. Wahaha didn’t create its channel of distribution.

a new policy was created to rearward the distributors whoa made.

Case study on rural marketing of coca cola
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